Health “Studies” so Bad That They Disappear from the Internet

Ice Cream Study

So Why are Studies so Bad That They Disappear from the Internet?

So maybe they don’t really completely disappear from the internet, supposedly nothing really can once the data or information is out there.  But you will find the latest trends, diets, fads, super foods, etc plastered all over Yahoo, MSN, and all sorts of media sites.  So why are some health studies so bad that they disappear from the Internet?

The primary reason is that after getting some sensational news, someone looks critically at the study and realizes it is bogus.

The most recent one was an attempt to make fats look bad, you know the thing that makes you gain weight.  That is pretty easy to believe, right?  That is what our government food pyramid indicates.

Surely the government has gotten it right…..

Yep sleep easy they are on top of it.   No not really.  First lets look at this study, that I cannot locate anymore, basically after appearing for a couple of days on Yahoo, it appears to have been removed by the search engines.  (it was not book marked as we did not expect to write about it at the time) At the least  it has fallen way out of the search engine rankings.

But the story was front and center on a few weeks back.  The headline read something like “New Study Proves Fat is Bad for You”.  Okay this must be a story about trans fats, right?

Ice Cream becomes the new testing tool.

Yeah that is right, the study used ice cream to prove fat is bad for you.  I am not even sure where to start on this one.

  • First look at the ingredients in ice cream, milk, cream, sugar, various flavors and chemicals or milk, sugar, cream, various flavors and chemicals

So do you see a problem here?  If not please stop and read our article here on sugar, so do you see a problem now?

Yes ice cream is bad for you, but not primarily due to the fat, dairy has it’s own set of challenges, as all of it is very high calorie, don’t believe it?   Cows milk is designed to make a calf grow into a 1,000 pound cow or bull in a year.  It takes a lot of calories to get a creature to grow a thousand pounds, they weight about 63 pounds at birth.

Next the sugar is the second or third ingredient by weight, yeah that is how the ingredients list works. So lets keep in mind that milk is a liquid so there is some water in there that will make the liquid heavier.

Sugar is dry.  Check out the calorie counts on ice cream, from fat and sugar.

So which is the real culprit?

Well neither is really good for you, dairy is high calorie, and sugar is just bad for you.  Once again if you have not read our article on sugar, check it out here.

So if sugar is in the equation, how can the researchers be sure that fat was the cause of weight gain?  Well they cannot, as they did not truly isolate the subject of the study.

If you wanted to prove that fat is bad for you, you need to feed you subjects things like olive oil, avocados, various nuts, fatty cuts of meat, well you get the idea.

This study was like concluding Vitamin B-12 is bad for you, by giving you pills laced with arsenic.  Yeah it was definitely the B-12.

What is the lesson here on Health Studies?

Use critical thinking.  Originally I did not plan to write an article on this study as it was too far out there to be believable, right?  But as I thought about where I had found the article, right there on I realized someone must of thought there was something to it, or how else would it be presented on Yahoo’s main page as news worthy item?

So here is the lesson I would hope people take away, think about what you are reading, do some of your own research, even if you believe it is true, because it reinforces what you think you already know.

Keep in mind, someone paid to have the study done.   No company or University does that type of research for free, universities will have at a minimum grant.  Research costs money, you have to pay people to do the research, you have to buy the materials, you usually have to pay your test subjects.  The list goes on.  With that in mind you should always ask yourself, who would benefit from this?  And even better see if you can determine who actually paid for the research, I can tell you from experience that is not always easy.

Although the Article Deserved to Disappear, It Still Made a Point

Don’t trust everything you read, especially when there is not a a lot of evidence to back it up.  We as a culture have come to depend on the internet for news, information, and at some level we want to believe that if we found it, it must be true.  Keep an open mind, but verify, even sources you trust, because they are only human too.

Final Thought

There is a reason your mother always told you to eat your vegetables, and that is probably the best advice anyone is going to give you.  Vegetables, fruits and meats have been humans go to foods for centuries, well at least until the last couple of centuries.  This is a direct correlation between processed foods and weight gain that has been shown over and over again.  So yeah there are health “studies” so bad that they disappear from the Internet, but they deserve to.


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Health "Studies" so Bad That They Disappear from the Internet
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Health "Studies" so Bad That They Disappear from the Internet
When studies are published, we have an expectation that they will be factual to the best of their ability to be so. Unfortunately some "research" does not take this approach. Read about a study we recently read...... You probably won't believe it, we certianally did not.
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